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Hyaluron Pen –

The Hyaluron pen is a needless injection method for hyaluronic acid and other mesotherepy Simply put, this potentially intimidating gadget is nothing but an atomizer. The tool allows the injection of hyaluronic acid into the skin through air pressure. So the claim is true: the procedure involves absolutely no needles. This is another thing: no Botox or other types of neurotoxins that “freezes” muscles for a wrinkle-free smile (given that you can still smile).

You probably guessed it, but the Hyaluron Pen works with hyaluronic acid fillers. The non-invasive technique, therefore, injects a temporary synthetic version of a component that is naturally found in the body but becomes less concentrated as we age into the superficial layer of the skin in order to plump it up.

Black and Gold Pen with 3MM and 5MM head
This is a great pen. Start with this one.

Pen and Ampoule Kit
This is a good option, this pen is not as strong, but god for under eyes. A good option for beginning.

3mm and 5mm Ampoules
You will need the Ampoules for loading product into.

Filler – Cross Linked HA – for volume

Non-Cross Linked HA – Hyaron:

Non Cross-Linked hyaluronic acid will not build volume, it will only plump the skin and temporarily fill wrinkles. It will, however continue to promote elastin and collagen growth underneath the skin. As an injectable, it’s known as a skin booster. I use non-cross linked HA as a base before using your cross linked HA. I also use it a weekly or bi-weeky skin treatment for dewy, glowy and plump skin.

Hyaron is my go-to skin booster. It’s injected to draw moisture to to the surface of the skin. It’s similar to Prophilo and injected using the BAP technique, injection points at the Jaw, Naso

PROFHILO® can be used to treat skin laxity and skin quality, almost anywhere, common indications include: the face, neck, décolletage, hands, inner arms.

  • skin quality improves, the skin becomes firmer and has a lovely glow,
  • elimination of “hamster-like” cheeks,
  • restored facial contours,
  • slimmer facial features,
  • sagging skin,
  • flabby skin – skin suppleness and elasticity,
  • vertical and horizontal wrinkles on the face.

is similar so for takes a very special place among beauty and skin rejuvenation products. In a sense, it combines the best of both worlds – the lasting improvements that mesotherapy treatment has on patient’s skin and the volume restorative and wrinkle removal properties of HA fillers. Much like fillers, Hyaron is in the form of a gel. However, its structure is much more even and the gel is smoother. Hyaluronic Acid based dermal fillers, on the other hand, tend to have a grainier structure with larger gel particles.
Non-Cross Linked HA:

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